Grow Your Biz with a NextGen Call Center

Boost your sales, retain your customers, and recover lost leads by outsourcing your customer support to the most advanced onshore and offshore virtual call & contact centers, no matter the size of your company.

Omnichannel Customer Sales & Support

Abandoned Transactions Recovery

Merchant Solutions & eCommerce Specialists

NextGen extension of your team

More than a call center

Customer service, sales & pre-sales, abandoned shopping cart monetization, merchant solutions, back-office support.

24/7 onshore & offshore

Virtual call center model integrates onshore agents/managers with offshore teams to maximize your ROI with top-rated service.

Omnichannel BPO technology

Dedicated support to your customers/ leads with seamless integration across voice, email, sms, chat, in-app, and social media.

Protecting your interests 24/7 – 365

A+ customer support

Outsource your customer service & support to onshore, nearshore, and offshore teams, under dedicated US-based management in complete synch with your brand standards at a fraction of the cost.

We turn your hesitant leads into profit

Partial submissions recovery

Maximize your ROI by monetizing hesitant shoppers that leave your shopping cart or website forms before completing a purchase. Our technology pulls all incomplete web form entries in real time so our agents can follow up and close a deal via phone, sms, or email.

NextGen eCommerce customer service experts

Merchant solutions

VOX CS’ merchant solutions team is built around turning customer service into revenue by protecting your merchant accounts and reducing chargebacks, cancellations, and refunds.

Outsource to VOX CS, sit back, and grow.

Switch to VOX CS with confidence

We set the standard for Q.A. and accountability

Highly experienced US-based managers, with constant retraining and strict QA protocols for our agents. Remote reps yield higher quality and scalability.

You can monitor all CS interactions 24/7.

Fast onboarding and 100% customizable

You have complete control over the customization of your CS process. We adapt to your existing technology and can quickly scale according to your needs.

3 business day onboarding.

Discover what others are saying about VOX CS

“VOX CS is an essential partner. They reduced our churn rates by 6% by providing consistent support and cross-selling. I was amazed at how much revenue we were losing on abandoned carts.”


Executive Vice President,
Energy Pages

“Really glad I had that call with Lo – super invaluable. She optimized my campaign in ways I hadn’t thought of. I only needed one agent and VOX CS helped as if I had a huge company.”


FL Solutions

“Outsourcing our call center ops gives me so much peace of mind. It allowed us to focus on improving our products and optimizing our operations. VOX CS increased our revenue by 13%.”



Innovation leads to customer success

Centralized dashboard that puts you on the driver’s seat.

We took it to the next level
NextGen phone systems
Omnichannel support
Centralized dashboard
Analytics, reporting & campaign optimization
Seamless integration
99.9% uptime
Registered DIDs: we’re never labeled as SPAM
SMS messages that don’t require opt-ins

Scalable, affordable, with no setup fees

Let us build you the last customer service team you’ll ever need